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Australian Superannuation and Investments – Platforms

Australian Superannuation and Investments – Platforms


Overview of Australian Platform superannuation and investment markets. Includes latest quarterly results and commentary covering leading companies and key market segments for wraps, platforms and master trusts. Data is based on a proprietary survey conducted quarterly by Plan For Life, Actuaries & Researchers, covering more than 37,000 investment and retirement funds. Data is obtained by direct data collection methods from over 400 companies, with intense data scrutiny and investigation of data anomalies using Actuarial principles.  Co-ordinated data metrics include FUM (net assets), Inflows (gross sales), Net Funds Flow and Growth Rates for latest quarter and year end. Key benefit of this report is accurate and holistic market share reporting and competitor intelligence on the Australian Platform retirement and investment markets.  Format: 15 pages PDF.
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